Other 2020 Oscar Nominated Films

While Best Picture Nominees get most of the attention, I thought I’d draw attention to some of the other films nominated in other categories before the big night this Sunday. Remember, it’s not all about Best Picture. Here are some of the other nominees.

The Life Ahead

Genre: Feel Good Comedy

When the Jewish Holocaust Survivor Former Prostitute Madame Rosa played by Classic Hollywood Actor Sophia Loren teams up with Orphaned Senegalese Muslim Tween Immigrant Momo, just wait to see what wackiness ensues. And you’ll never guess what silly antics will happen when Former Heavyweight Champion Mother-By-Day Prostitute-By-Night Trans Woman Lola joins in on the fun.


Genre: Feels Like You Took Drugs But Not The Cool Kind

A fun fact about this movie is that the original title for this film was: (Pixar Has No) Soul. Which actually should be the name of every Pixar movie. Before you get mad at me, remember Buzz Lightyear voted for Trump.

The Hillbilly Elegy

Genre: Desperate Oscar Bait

Nothing could compare to Ron Howard’s directorial masterpiece that will surely define his career, Solo: A Star Wars Story, but this one comes close. Based on a memoir written by a guy who sounds like a dick, some people think this movie is redeemed by Glenn Close’s acting, even though the character she played in Guardians of the Galaxy was more interesting.


Genre: Movie That Will Let You Down Once You Realize That Christina Aguilera’s 2020 “Reflection” Is Not As Good As 1998 “Reflection”

This Disney live action remake brings the animated classic back to life with all the songs we remember… wait, there’s no songs? and that cute little talking red dragon Mushu… oh wait, there’s no Mushu? Hm, well at least you catch a cameo or two of the Legendary Fire/Flying Type Pokémon Ho-Oh.

The Midnight Sky

Genre: Wait, This Isn’t A Miley Cyrus Video

Imagine if someone made a movie about living in aftermath of a global catastrophe and the lone scientist living in the Arctic who is trying desperately to warn a crew of astronauts not to return to earth, and someone thought, let’s take all that and make it boring!

The Assistant

Genre: It’s Weird To See Ruth Without Her Accent

What, this movie wasn’t nominated? Fuck you, Academy. Fuck you.

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