Below is how I rank all nominated movies for all the 2020 nominated films minus Documentaries (features and short subjects) Short Films (live action and animated). I also say who I think should win in each category. I started my annual watching of the Nominated Pictures about four years ago. I had always watched the [...]

Other 2020 Oscar Nominated Films

While Best Picture Nominees get most of the attention, I thought I’d draw attention to some of the other films nominated in other categories before the big night this Sunday. Remember, it’s not all about Best Picture. Here are some of the other nominees. The Life Ahead Genre: Feel Good Comedy When the Jewish Holocaust [...]

Taylor Swift Is Kind Of A Douche In Her “You Belong With Me” Video.

Taylor Swift's video "You Belong With Me" has always bothered me for some reason. With the release of her new version of Fearless, I finally figured out why. She is constantly hitting on someone else's boyfriend, and then he ditches his girlfriend in the middle of prom to be with Taylor. So, in my first [...]

Every year, I try to watch all the Oscar Nominated movies I can, and then I discuss and rank them with my friends. I thought it vmight be fun to share my thoughts on a website. And maybe my friends could jump in, too. We will probably talk about other stuff we like. We like [...]